45 Years In Wall Street 

2nd of October, 2018

My copy of WD Gann’s “45 Years in Wall Street” was written in 1949. It could almost pass as a first edition, some 69 years old, it’s that beaten up and tattered. But I find this a really interesting title that warrants investigation!

It is well accepted Gann was meticulous with numbers and dates. Further, he says he began his career as a stock broker in 1902.

Now I’m no mathematician, but I reckon 1902 to 1949 is 47 years, and NOT 45?

So why title the book 45 years in Wall Street?

There is another obvious error in 45 Years in Wall Street. He rounds the low trading price of the Dow Jones. It’s the ONLY place I’ve ever seen him round a figure. This is NOT typical Gann. Nowhere in his other works does he round a number to the nearest whole number. But he does here?


What was so important about this figure that he needed to round it to the nearest whole number?

What was Gann trying to tell us?

The rounding of this figure got me thinking which of course led to countless more hours down a WD Gann rabbit hole! Gann makes you work hard to decipher his messages but the rewards are usually well worth the effort and it’s the outcome of this research project that we will be discussing at our Forecasting Conference – I do hope you’ll be there to hear what we’ve discovered and more importantly we will show you  how to apply it.

See the importance of the Title and the Rounding of this figure are connected. It’s classic Gann. Wheels within Wheels and Riddles within Riddles.

It is 45 days until this year’s conference and we can’t wait to catch up with the regular attendees and meet the new ones. Join us and experience this year’s Calnan Flack Forecasting Conference. 

Numbers are limited at 75 attendees and we have 9 seats left. Please call Ian Flack 06991376 with any questions.

join us at the forecasting conference


Great combination of practical trading and investment tools with relevant and comprehensive knowledge and information.  A truly unique course.

Damian C

Amazing event, highly recommend it. Great content and presentations and very professionally put together and run. Very good course material and slides. Great team from Calnan Flack and great to meet other participants.

Kris F

An incredibly powerful and insightful 2 days that is steeped in research, facts and a clear path to move forward. Ian and Jeremy and their associated team provide a truly holistic service offering that is tailored to every investors individual needs. The only group I know that forecasts multiple markets with great accuracy. A truly market leading and professional group. Congratulations.

Jordan H

Thank you to the amazing team at Calnan Flack for delivering a very high level of well researched information and forecasting. Great networking opportunity and lots to motivate to take action.

Dinna T

I have been coming to these sessions for 5 years and this is the best one yet. I now have a well established trading plan and each conference I incrementally build on my knowledge.

Dane P

You guys are great, good stuff.

Hamish M

A most insightfully weekend, thank you for your commitment to furthering the groups knowledge.

Andrew B

Excellent! Time is an essential ingredient in the market. Time provides a level of certainty that allows you to enter/exit a trade or investment with greater confidence, in either the long or short cycles that exist within the market.

Malcolm S

My 2nd  Forecast Conference. Great content and learning. It built on what was learnt last year. Looking forward to next year!!

Andrew O

An excellent, if intense, weekend of trading knowledge. Key learning was getting confidence in the basis of the cycle backed several ways (Gann and Vagg). Followed closely by clear tools to further improve study habits for trading successfully. Thank you all for a great weekend with some knowledgeable participants.

Bruce S

Once again Ian and Jeremy have put on a 1st class event. The information will prove invaluable and the range of tools is very impressive.

Keith M

Wisdom is greater value than gold. This is the seminar that provides the apex of financial wisdom. Absolutely Brilliant, a privilege to be able to attend and learn from some outstanding mentors.

Neil H

Calnan Flack give you the tools you need to go to the market and build something spectacular for yourself. The level of research they offer will save you years of trial and error on your trading journey.

Nathan F

Most enjoyable 2 days. Great team of presenters with broad knowledge spread and depth. Huge amount of information given in 2 days with 12 months of updates.

Kevin J

Fantastic team and excellent service!

Jason B

A very informative weekend with a lot of practical information to take action on. Well done!

Chia-Lern B

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