88 Miles Per Hour

24th of October, 2016

One of my all-time favourite movies without a doubt is the Back to the Future Trilogy’s. I can even remember when I first saw this move, for my older cousin’s birthday. I recall looking at the tickets on the fridge and wondering “Back to the Future”? What does that even mean?

The look of Michael J Fox, AKA “Marty” McFly in his orange puffer vest, looking at his watch with that shocked expression on his face and fire coming out of the DeLorean’s tyres just had me!

I love those movies now as much as I did when I was a kid….

However now when I watch them I do it while thinking of our 5 Essential Drivers – Infrastructure, Technology, Government Granted Licences, Population and Credit Cycles.

Within these movies you can clearly see the effect that our 5 Essential Drivers have on society and the economy. Because of the way the movie transports you from the present to the past and then “Back to the Future” we can clearly see these drivers not only in action but also their outcome.

Infrastructure & Population drivers are dramatically displayed in the difference between the early subdivision of Hill Valley shown in 1955 compared to the Hill Valley house and suburb that Marty lives in 1985.

Technology is not only evident in Dr Emmett Brown’s addition to “the   DeLorean” but also in how Marty has trouble adapting to life in 1955. Remember the 1955 discussion about how many TV sets he owns?

Lorraine Baines: It’s our first television set. Dad just picked it up today. Do you have a television?
Marty McFly: Well, yeah. You know we have… two of them.
Milton Baines: Wow! You must be rich.
Stella Baines: Oh, honey, he’s teasing you. Nobody has two television sets.

Certainly no one had 2 TV sets in 1955, but it was more than common place in 1985!

So when I saw that “Stanford engineers had built an autonomous DeLorean capable of stable, precise drifting at large angles in order to study how cars perform in extreme situations” I know we must be getting close to the driverless car reality!

So to see “Marty” the DeLorean in action, click here!

I cant wait to see what the Stanford engineers can do when they bring out the upgraded model with a “Flux Capacitor” and crank it up to 88 Miles per hour……

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