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Goals Based Advice

We believe if you sort your financials you sort your life. Through helping our clients set clear goals we are able to map out a pathway for them. After implementing your plan we will keep you on track with regular reviews. Our journey together will work to ensure your finances are working for you to continue to achieve your life goals.

Investment Strategy

We believe in a combination of asset classes depending on your circumstances. Your situation and what is important to you is unique to you. We reflect this through tailoring investment strategies to your circumstances.

Economic Cycle

Flack’s unique approach to investment markets is based on our understanding of the long-term cycles of credit markets, asset prices, technology and the ‘Effortless Advantage’ and how they work together to drive our economy and investment markets. Our knowledge of cycles and how asset markets move in and out of favour allows us to take advantage when assets are both over and underpriced.

Economic Cycle Action Plan

We are experts in understanding and interpreting the economy. We developed our Economic Cycle Action Plan to provide a framework for our short and long term investment decision making. By using the Economic Cycle Action Plan we can take the right action at the right time allowing us to time our investment decisions. We can be prepared for what will happen next and will not be caught by surprise.

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