Our Audited Track Record 

24th of July, 2018

The end of the Financial Year is a natural time to review the Calnan Flack Australian Share Fund. So how did we perform? Well we are pleased to inform a return of 18.64%pa*.

This follows the 17.24% return for the first year of the fund from inception. See our blog 17.24% Return for the last 12 Months 

We smashed our benchmarks, the Morningstar Multi-Sector Growth Market Index and the All Ords Accumulation Index – so we are very pleased with the funds performance!

We do need to be VERY careful about placing too much emphasis on short-term returns, in fact ASIC reminds us that “past performance is no guarantee of future performance” however, we think it’s still important that we at consider how we are tracking. For us, we have a LONG-TERM investment philosophy. One built around our Economic Cycle Action Plan and the Five Underlying Economic Drivers.

Our investment outlook is for the duration of the cycle, which we place at about 20 years.

Remember though, that our funds have an investment mandate that allows us to act “Opportunistically” seeking to exploit market movements by alternating the amount of cash or shares we hold as market conditions change.

This flexible approach in utilising a “Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach” is based upon our investment philosophy and unlike similar funds we do NOT want to be forced to hold growth assets, like shares, come the next major market decline.

We are super happy with our performance because our real point of difference comes once markets peak and start their mid and end of cycle declines. One year performance is great, but we are really focused on how our returns look 10 years from now.

Unlike our peers, we have the distinct advantage of being able to move to holding cash during market declines.

Think about this. Our fund can go 100% to cash during times of duress which provides us with a distinct advantage during the slowdowns.

We have a definable and repeatable investment process. Further, we believe that our Investment Committee holds some of the smartest and best investment minds in the business. We are pleased to welcome Phillip Anderson to the Investment Committee since our last update.

And we’ll take an audited 18.64%pa* any day!

I look forward to providing an update in another 12mths when we have an audited 2yr track record…

Australian Share Fund July Update

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