But Can They Run On Time?

12th of August, 2017

At Calnan Flack we talk a lot about the Wealth Creation opportunities that surround us if you learn to see the Economic and Credit Cycle in action. We talk about the Economic Drivers being Population, Technology, Infrastructure, Government Granted Licenses and of course the Credit creation process!

Our Economic Cycle Action Plan provides the framework to understand the cycle and the action we need to take to leverage the opportunities it presents to grow your wealth.

By studying history, we can further enhance our knowledge of how events impact society and asset prices. Yet few seem to look back into the future an learn from the past. Learning from history and its relevance to life today is not  reserved for tweed jacket wearing types who love to contemplate history through a well-worn book.

Studying history gives us a terrific advantage, one that is easy to do yet sometimes taken for granted. You see too often news is announced and the general public fails to appreciate the significance of it until it is too late because they have no perspective or frame of reference to consider the announcement.

We have suggested that Technology will be a predominate driver of this cycle. And although Pokémon GO had an enormous impact upon society its not the impact we are so concerned about. The recent announcement of from Hyperloop One that they had successfully levitated a test sled magnetically and fire it around in a near-vacuum tube – now that is big new!

Although this test only reached 112km/h it shows that the expected 1,100km/h Hyperloop Train is well on track (sorry I just couldn’t help but put that on in!) to revolutionizing the way we travel.

Driverless Cars. Drone moving us about. Magnetized Hyperloop Trains. Technology and the inventiveness of humans is transform the way we travel. Can you hear the revolution of the electric cars coming?

Our study of history tells us that the quickest of all the drivers to manifest back into the land and asset prices is…..

You guessed it Travel Times! So it doesn’t take a genius to join the dots here.

Travelling form Dubai to Abu Dhabi? No worries!   What currently take +90 mins is expected to reduce to less than 12 mins.

Its been reported that the Indian Minister for Railways is seriously considering the Hyperloop technology for his country. With 1.3 Billion people in India, the potential impact on productivity is mind boggling.

Like Pokémon GO, this technology has global applications.

And it is all being brought about by both the latest cycle, including its technological advancements, the demand for infrastructure and transportation solutions as well as the huge amount of availability of credit to fund such mammoth projects.

Oh, and did you read the goal of from Hyperloop One?

Its to have a functional route in place moving people and cargo about by 2020… Interesting timing for those attendees of our Forecasting Conference hey?

I guess the only question left to answer is, “Can they Run on Time?”

To see Hyperloop One click here

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