TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR WEALTH is our event to introduce you to Wealth Cycle Investing. This event will provide you with the background to the Calnan Flack Economic Cycle Action Plan giving you the tools and confidence to make more successful investment decisions.

Once you understand the Wealth Cycle, it will change your investment outlook forever.

The WEALTH WORKSHOP – PROFITING FROM THE WEALTH CYCLE builds on the knowledge you have gained from Taking Charge of your Wealth. It provides a more in-depth look and explanation as to the application of Wealth Cycle Investing.

These events are regularly scheduled for each city. Please register your interest below and we will notify you of event details as soon as they become available.

Discover how your ultimate wealth is determined by your understanding of the drivers of the economy and how well you invest using the definable boom bust cycle.

This is where your journey with Calnan Flack starts, the discovery of the underlying cycle and drivers of our economy and investment markets.

In this discovery session we will show you how the economy follows a definable and repeatable process, one of boom then bust. This process has been in operation for hundreds of years. Once you understand the drivers and see them in action you will realise not only why but how the cycle must continue.

We promise that after this session you will go home with a different view of investing and a clear understanding of how you can apply this cycle knowledge.


> 2 Hour Event

> $49

Manager of the highly successful Calnan Flack Australian Share Fund Jeremy Calnan and a Calnan Flack Client Adviser will share their insights and years of research into why the Wealth Cycle must continue to work and how you can profit from it.

In this practical hands on workshop you will learn what is going to happen next in the Share Market and the Property Market!

We will teach you how you can apply this knowledge to profit from the current Wealth Cycle.

Once you understand the Wealth Cycle you will never invest the same way again!

As this is a workshop Numbers are Strictly Limited.


> 2.5 Hour Event

> Refreshments will be provided

> $240


>Learn how to grow your wealth using the power of the economic cycle

> Gain the knowledge required to invest with confidence and peace of mind

> Know where we are in the current economic cycle

> Understand how to pinpoint the signals of the upcoming mid cycle decline

> Discover strategies to enhance your returns


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