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Omar Moujalli, Director of Examine Property is a qualified accountant who after over 10 years in the Financial Services Industry is now Director and Founder of Examine Property offering bespoke solutions for astute Property Investors nationally.

Mark Williams is Examine Property’s specialist for Flack Group Investors. Mark has over 20 years experience within the Financial Services Industry. Coupled with his Property Development and Property Investment experience, he is a valuable member of the national Examine Property team.

Why Examine Property

Examine Property specialise in assisting Property Investors to unleash the power of the Flack Group Economic Action Plan. Timing your Investment Property purchase is pivotal to the short, medium and long term growth of your property portfolio.

Understanding the Property Cycle is crucial to the performance of not only property assets, but all assets in your portfolio.

Australia is a geographically large country with a diverse economy and as such each state or region can be in a different stage of the Property Cycle. This presents opportunities for educated investors to achieve above average capital growth.

Buyers advocacy

When a property market is experiencing significant growth, it is difficult to find new properties at a similar price to an established property. In this market phase, the preferred option is to source a property through buyer’s advocacy.

After establishing your needs and objectives, we work with you to determine which particular region has the drivers for superior capital growth. Our research methodology is well proven and second to none. All the facts and logic behind the targeting of specific locations are outlined and discussed with you.

After reaching agreement on suburbs to target, we then search for suitable properties to shortlist within that location. We will then begin investigations and negotiations on your behalf to secure a property and assist you throughout the purchasing process to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction.

New properties

If you can purchase a new property for the price of an established older one, why would you choose the older property?

You wouldn’t. In a market that is nearing the bottom of the Property Cycle, or starting to recover we will assist you with the know-how and negotiating skills to find great Property Investment opportunities. New properties provide peace of mind with the builder’s warranty, superior tax advantages and increased tenant demand which often correlates to higher investment returns.

The new properties need to be priced comparatively to established properties. Remember, bank approved valuers will undertake a valuation on completion, comparing the property to similar established resales in the area.

Examine Property’s methodology

Macro level 

  • 18 Year Property Cycle Capital

  • City Research

  • Local Area Research

  • Demographic Research

  • Proximity to Infrastructure

  • Growth & Employment Drivers

Micro level

  • Rental Yields

  • Tax Benefits

  • Builder Credentials

  • Floor Plan Review

  • Bank Valuations / Price Comparison

  • Tailored Cash Flow

The process

Your Flack Group Adviser contacts Mark Williams from Examine Property to discuss and confirm your financial goals and objectives. Mark will then contact you to arrange an initial appointment.

The first meeting is to introduce Examine Property’s services and educate you about the property cycle, their research methodology and the property buying process.

After understanding your financial objectives, Mark will identify with you specific suburbs to target. This includes comprehensive research analysis on each option looking at the growth drivers and how the property matches the demographic profile of the suburb.

Mark will provide you with the analysis on the options along with the relevant cash flows, which are also forwarded to your Flack Group for review. It is important that you are completely comfortable with the selection of the property. If you decide the selected options are not suitable, we will search for other alternatives then arrange another review meeting.

After selecting a suitable property, an Expression of Interest (EOI) is sent to the vendor so that the property is taken off the market and a contract is issued. At this point, a fully refundable holding deposit will be required.

Now is the time to meet with your solicitor to review and sign the contracts. If and when the contracts are signed, a 10% deposit is paid and shortly after, the property is deemed to have exchanged.

Settlement occurs 2-4 weeks after council registration for a property still in construction and 4-6 weeks after exchange for complete properties. Examine Property will co-ordinate the entire process including finance, insurance, inclusions, property management and pre-settlement inspections as required.

Flack Group and Examine Property provide you with an annual review of your Property Investment. We will provide you with ongoing education on all aspects of the Australian property market. Post-purchase support with regards to the property purchased and any other existing properties in your portfolio.

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