Free Money – How to Put $34K in Your Pocket! 

15th of December, 2020

How would you like to put thirty-four grand in your pocket with little to no effort and ZERO risk?? 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Now I anormally the first one to be jumping up and down sprouting “If it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is” but this is a little different – another phrase you rarely hear me say! 

But a Government Report has just been released that explains exactly how the average Australian is entitled to collect $34K. Click here for report.

And even better, you’ll be collecting the money from your bank! Yes, that is right, instead of your bank stealing your money, you will be able to snatch it right back. 

  • Zero Risk 
  • Minimal Effort 

Personally, I don’t think it gets any better than that! 

CollecYour Government Sanctioned Money 

The ACCC; Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is not the sexiest of institutions. 

Its not ASIO full of James Bond and Clark Kent lookalikes. 

It doesn’t have the exhilaration of an extra time thriller nor the popularity of a Bondi Surf Lifesaver on a hot summers day. 

Yet the ACCC is relentless in its pursuit of fairness and justice for consumers. 

“Welcome to the ACCC” says Rod Sims the Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on the home page of their website. “We are Australia’s competition regulator and national consumer law champion. We promote competition and fair trading and regulate national infrastructure to make markets work for everyone.” 

I get it.  

However even though much of their work goes unnoticed or ignored by the masses recently they recently published a VERY IMPORTANT report. 

One that I beg you to take some interest in. 

One that can save you tens of thousands of dollars – with little work and NO out of pocket expense. According to the ACCC the average home loan customer of just a few years can save around $34,000*? Maybe now I have your attention!! 

On the 5th of December the ACCC released the Home Loan Price Inquiry Report. 

But for those of you who haven’t got time to read the 94 page report, let me give you an abridged version –  

Its that simple – But who actually does it? 

Please help me review my home loan 

The banks rip us off  

We all know that the banks rip us off. Take advantage of us. Squeeze every cent out of us that they can. And in this report the ACCC quantifies it. 

If you have a mortgage of say $500,000 that is 3-5 years old and you were to get the rate that your OWN bank is offering its NEW customers verses the rate you as a loyal customer are paying, you could save yourself $2800 a year or $34,000. 

Thirty-Four Grand for just reviewing your home loan!  

If you want to cut to the chase, click below to start reviewing your home loan.

Review my loan

Rod Sims the Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission summed it up when he said by regularly reviewing your loans “The savings are huge!”. 

When asked how regularly? He said “I’d be doing it every couple of years!” 



Review My Loan

What the ACCC Report discovered was that the older the mortgage, the higher the interest rate you pay when compared with newer borrowers. 

That not all customers pay the same interest rate. Loyal customers pay MORE than New Customers. 

It is like saying when you go to the supermarket, the longer you have been a loyal customer to the store, the more you pay. While first-time shoppers get a discount, loyal long-time customers pay a premium! 

So, if you haven’t reviewed your loan ithe last 2-3 years or longer then according to the ACCC’s figures – there are thousands for you to save! 

The reason for this is that bank mortgages are priced at a discount to the standard variable rate. However, these giant discounts are NOT readily offered to existing customers. 

Instead, MASSIVE DISCOUNTS are hidden away from the banks own loyal customers. 

Loyal Customers Are Charged MORE 

I can’t think of many industries where the loyal customers are charged MORE than the “Johnny come latelies”. 

Typically, most industries bend over backwards to keep and reward their loyal customers, but as we keep saying – Banking isn’t just “ANY” industry and it plays by its own rules. 

In bankers speak they refer to this as their front book and back book. The front book is made up of their cheapest rates that have been offered to their most recent customers. While the back book is full of expensive home loans that those loyal suckers, err sorry customers continue to pay year after year! 

This is how the banks lure in new business – they advertise these seductively low rates to draw in new business.  

Meanwhile their old “Loyal” customers are kept in the expensive back books where the banks can continually squeeze every cent possible out of the customers too loyal to review their lending arrangements. 

Often those loyal chumps, err customers, typically think that the discounted advertised rate is what they are paying, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Review My Loan

If you are finding this concept confusing or even a little disturbing and you are wondering why no one has ever explained it before, well it all comes down to money. 

What I am about to tell you is likely to turn your confusion into absolute outrage! 

Moving customers off the more expensive back book onto the front book and eliminating the front book – back book gap would cost the banks BILLIONS! 

Its BILLIONS that customers who don’t review their rates are gifting to the banks. 

In 2019 it was estimated that not offering the back book customers the same rate as the front book customers put an extra $3Billion into the big GREEDY Banks revenues. 

That’s your money if you haven’t reviewed your lending arrangements. 

Review My Loan

Rod Says: Review your loans 

The ACCC is an institution to protect our rights. It is here to make sure that we are not sold a lemon by some unscrupulous vendor. To make sure we get what we pay for. 

And here is the ACCC telling us in NO uncertain terms to REVIEW OUR LENDING ARRANGEMENTS! 

Just like in the game “Simon Says” where we are instructed to touch our nose or rub our tummy, here the Chair of the ACCC Rod Sims Says “Review your loans”. 

We all know the banks are trying to rip YOU off and there is likely a better deal out there for YOU – the “Home Loan Price Inquiry Report” confirms this. 

We spend countless hours agonising over which car to buy. Where to holiday and even what investments we should be purchasing. Yet here is a very simple decision that sadly most will not take.  

It’s a decision that will save you buckets more than searching for the cheapest petrol  in fact by reviewing your loans the bank could just pay for your new thirty-four thousand dollar car…. 

The regulator is telling you this is an action you need to take to protect yourself. To ensure that you do not become a victim of the bank’s predatory habits. So, please take the first steps to review your home loan. 

The Calnan Flack team are here to help you review your lending arrangements.


Reviewing your loan could save you thousands of dollars according to Rod Sims Chair of the ACCC.

Engaging us to help is without obligation and you have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time.

So let’s get started and see how much you can save…

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