Funds management

Share portfolios managed by Flack Group

Since our inception in 2013 Calnan Flack have managed share portfolios for Investors. Initially managing bespoke Share Portfolios and since March 2017 our Investment Team have managed Model Portfolios available for public investment.

Dynamic diversified markets model

The Dynamic Diversified Markets Model is taking advantage of the ever expanding opportunities available via ETF’s. The model provides exposure to major International and Australian markets with a mix of both capital growth and income assets using our proprietary Directional Risk Asset Management approach.

The application of the DRAM Methodology enables Flack Group to objectively identify and quantify risk, permitting the active management of portfolio weightings and the timely buying and selling of assets within our portfolios.

Dynamic Australian share model

The Flack Group Dynamic Australian Share Model has an “Opportunistic” investment style focusing on Australian shares drawn predominately from the ASX300. The model provides investors with a mix of income and capital growth using our proprietary Directional Risk Asset Management approach. Income may include some franking credits.