We believe that education is the most important asset you can possess and the purpose of our Investment Club is to provide members with the knowledge and tools to enable them to make better and more profitable investment decisions.

To get you started on our investing journey together we have put together these resources to get you started.

Our approach is underpinned by our knowledge of investment markets and their underlying drivers. This knowledge will have an enormous impact on how you make investment decisions and the confidence with which make them. You will never view the world the same again.

We look forward to our journey together and sincerely thank you for choosing to be a part of our community.

If you have any suggestions or we can help you in any, way please don’t hesitate in getting in touch, as we’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the journey.

Economic Cycle Action Plan 

Your road map to investing throughout the boom and busts of the cycle.

Use it as your frame of reference to view and make sense of the constantly changing news within the context of the cycle. It will help you set your expectations and most importantly your investment goals. The more you use and refer to this document the more useful it will become.

For us, it serves as the cornerstone of our investment approach.

Download The Economic Cycle Action Plan

Investing with the Cycle

One minute the markets are  booming – the next they are bust!

We have all felt the dread in our stomach as markets plunge and we become paralysed with fear. What drives this investment phenomenon and how can you take advantage of it? 

The boom bust investment cycle is something Calnan Flack has been studying for years.

Helping investors make better investment decisions is what we do and this eBook, Investing with the Cycle explains the boom bust cycle enabling you to make better and more profitable investment decisions.

Download Investing with the cycle ebook

Property Australia’s Favourite Obsession

Our podcast dedicated to those of you who want to know even more about property, investing and of course the drivers and how they manifest into a boom-bust cycle.

Property is a great place to start because we all understand property. In fact, every minute of every day our lives are touched by property. We visit shopping and medical centres, eat in restaurants and hotels, attend school, the office, or any other place of work. Even our leisure time is spent in cinemas and theatres, parks and in sporting arenas.

We can’t get away from it – everybody has a connection to property, as a tenant, a homeowner, or as a landlord; hence our obsession with it!
Together on PAFO we will hear interesting and inspiring stories about property, but from people, you might not expect and in ways, you might not have thought about property.

Check it out. You can listen to our most recent episode here:

Listen to  all episodes on your favourite podcast app or by visiting www.pafo.com.au


If you want to avoid the mistakes of not understanding the dangers of investing without an understanding of the Economic Cycle, then why not have a chat to us about how we can help?

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