Debt is a major consideration in any wealth creation strategy and at Calnan Flack Finance we use the banking system to our advantage.

Regardless of your circumstances or objectives, with our understanding of the Investment and Credit Cycle we can advise you on how to best structure your lending to ensure your personal goals are met.

By using our Economic Cycle Action Plan Economic Cycle Action Plan as the framework we can determine the best lending strategy depending on where we are within the cycle and what we expect to occur next.

Our lending partner, Own Home Loans will cut the confusion out of finding the right loan.

They will help you Own your Home, Own your life and Own your Investment future.

With a focus on reducing non-deductible debt and the astute use of leverage to build your investment wealth we can help you achieve your dream of financial independence together.

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  • Optimise your debt structure

  • Understand your borrowing capacity (both personal & bank imposed)

  • Compare lenders, rates and features that best suit your circumstances

  • Provide pre-approval

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If you want to avoid the mistakes of not understanding the dangers of investing without an understanding of the Economic Cycle, then why not have a chat to us about how we can help?

You have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time and everything to gain.

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