The 11 Year Old Drivers of Productivity

30th of March, 2017

The world is a changing place – and those who don’t adapt will fall behind. We often talk about the resistance from the Luddites – unable and unwilling to adapt to the changing technology that revolutionised the cotton and woollen mills from 1811-1816.

Eventually the Luddites battle proved fruitless and as always technology won the battle AND the WAR – revolutionising the productivity of the industry.

It is no different today. The old guard -v- the new upstarts.

UBER v the Taxi Industry. Airbnb v The Hotel Industry.

If you look at the Economic Timetable, it explains why at the bottom of every cycle we can confidently say “Young people move to positions of prominence”

They must; as the Crash wipes out the old inefficient businesses and it is the new thinking and more adaptive productive business solutions that creates the profitability that drives the new cycle.

And yet still people don’t appreciate the impact that technology is having. The impact on society, business, productivity and of course profitability. The younger generation’s adaptation of technology is simply stunning. Although you can also see older generations choosing to embrace technology its nothing like that of our children.

Technology drives their lives, it defines their lives, their social circles, their communication and the way which they interact within society.

I have two young boys. Like many young boys they love their sport, playing footy, basketball, surfing, skateboarding etc. Outdoors and energetic – that’s them.

I was amazed when I recently found out what happens when three 11 year old’s (my 2 boys and a mate)    get together for an afternoon of skateboarding (see below). The way that this generation intertwines technology into their everyday life is simply stunning. They produced a video and uploaded it to youtube to fill in some spare time while skateboarding – all with a $200 phone and some free software in a few short hours – without help from anyone who is older than eleven.

I am not suggesting this is particularly special or smart. The reality is it is just some 2017 kids playing with skateboards and their phones. Nothing else!

You better appreciate that your kids and grand-kids are having an enormous impact on this cycle. Driving productivity gains, profitability and of course land prices.

There used to be a major divide in society between those who can read and write – the literate and the illiterate.

The time has arrived when a bigger divide in society will be between the technology literate and the technology illiterate.

Understanding how our kids are going to change society and take our jobs gives us the opportunity to get on board by owning the land and capturing the Productivity Gains.

This is what we specialise in, so give us a call and we will help you get on board.


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