The Wild Side of Technology

2nd February, 2016

Usually when someone posts a picture of their home grown flowers it doesn’t create much of a reaction. But when your name is Scott Kelly and your current address is, well, the International Space Station, Outer Space – then that’s a little different.

Maybe organically grown tomatoes from Outer-Space is not as far away as we think?

June 2007 – its hard to believe its been less than 10 years we have lived with the iPhone. Who could have imagined the impact and changes to our lives that it would generate? It has changed society and the way we behave and interact in ways that we could never have envisaged.

We tend to think of ourselves as being fairly “tech savvy” now, with all our gadgets but there are many parts of our lives that will be impacted in the future in ways we just cannot currently imagine. Driverless cars immediately spring to mind.

When I was sent this Ted Talk by Investment Club Member Bruce – it really made me stop and think just what might be possible and where is all this heading ??????

Now I’m not making any moral statement about the ethics of such technologies, I am just making the point that there truly is some mind blowing technology being developed that will have implications way beyond our current ability to comprehend. When you consider this was recorded in 2010 you can only imagine what is being developed today.

I would encourage you all to click here and watch Paul Root Wolpe’s Ted’s Talk – It’s time to question bio-engineering.

Let me know what you think.

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