World Monopoly Day

17th of March, 2017

Its World Monopoly Day tomorrow!

A day for all you capitalist winners to celebrate your financial conquests all over the world. To gloat about how you outwitted, out smarted and darn right just stole your entitlements all the way to your Red Hotel on Mayfair!

And just like Elizabeth Maggie, the creator of the original “The Landlords Game” created to promote the views of economic philosopher Henry George upon which Monopoly is based, the thimble will be removed from the game of Monopoly. Will the thimble suffer the same fate as the Elizabeth, banished to the bottom row of history, eventually archived, forgotten, then tossed out with the rubbish?

History only remembers the winners – Sorry Elizabeth Maggie, but history remembers Charles Darrow as the inventor of the game of Monopoly. So alas tomorrow like the winner Charles Darrow, we will know which tokens will be remembered.

Over 4M people voted on which eight tokens will be part of the next generation of Monopoly. Could the Shoe, the Top hat and Scottie the dog be joined by a Rubber Duck and an Emoji?

Indecently, does anyone else see the irony in SUNDAY March 19th being world monopoly day? I just chuckle at parallels that can be made to Sunday, the Sabbath and day of rest with the idea that the game of Monopoly is built entirely on the concept of chasing and controlling “The Effortless Advantage”…..

Its all about the “Unearned Income” – just like in real life!

So dust off your boards, invite your best friends over, take all their money and send them bankrupt!

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